25 Small Blank Kraft Matchboxes for altering, decorating, mini favors and more!

25 small blank kraft matchboxes for altering, decorating, mini favors and more!
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A very popular matchbox size and style for altering and crafting. Perfect for small projects which don't require a great deal of inside depth. See photos of actual product.

Dimensions: 2" X 1 3/8" X 3/8" Deep
(flowers and ribbon in photos are not included)

NO STRIKE SIDE: These do not have the strike side and are made... for crafting purposes.

NOTE: these cannot ship flat and require shipping in a cardboard box to help ensure safe delivery to you.

Please check the dimensions of this product to help ensure that it will make a good fit for your project since these are not returnable. A sample of the product may be requested so that you may test the product before purchasing a larger lot. Sample packs may be purchased through the "SAMPLE" listing in my store.

♥ bottom base and base side are made of a double layered paperboard
♥ fully assembled
♥ no strike side making it easy to incorporate your craft ideas without having to cover the side of the box
♥ made from 100% recycled kraft paperboard

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